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If you want to make bookkeeping and accounting of your company easy, convenient and paperless, you will have a reason to rejoice. We have created an innovative e-service that makes the entire process of invoice processing cheaper, faster, and more transparent.
Why choose an innovative invoice management?
  • Quick and easy generation and reception of invoices in an e-service environment
  • The most common accounting programs enable to quickly activate the e-service and do not require big changes in the software
  • Invoices are stored and archived in a secure environment in accordance with legal requirements
  • The existing solutions are suitable for companies of all sizes
Integrated solutions of e-services are suitable for all — small, medium and large — companies. You can send invoices to everyone — e-service users as well as customers of other invoice operators.
With this e-service you can send invoices in all the various formats. You can transmit invoices as digital invoices, PDF files, as well as on paper. We offer a full processing — if necessary, we print out the invoices and deliver them to customers. Invoices may be sent to all e-service users, including state agencies and local governments, as well as those who use other invoice operators. By using e-invoicing, you can also transmit invoices for private persons to the Internet bank.

You can also receive and process purchase invoices in the e-service. Invoices that arrive in a digital format, such as PDF file or on paper, are first digitized, then automatically transmitted to your accounting system via our system, and then processed with the use of the electronic approval round. All invoices can be electronically confirmed, recorded and forwarded to the Internet bank for payment. Our e-service can be easily interfaced with the most common accounting softwares. All accounting records are archived and stored securely in accordance with legal requirements.

With e-service you can manage all your invoices in one place — confirm, record and forward them for payment.
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