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How to pack parcel

Pack your postal consignment in a way that it will not get damaged during transportation. Likewise, the parcel also needs to be risk-free to the postal workers and must not cause any damage to other parcels. Write or print clearly and legibly the recipient’s name and address as well as your own name and address on the parcel.

Packing reccomendations for fragile and breakable items


You may write the address on the parcel by hand. In this case, write your own address on the left top corner, while following the longest side of the parcel, and write the recipient’s address on the right corner.
Write or print clearly and legibly the recipient’s address as well as your own one on the parcel. Write following information on the parcel:

  • name (first name and surname of the natural person or title of the legal person)
  • street, house and apartment number, outside of town: name of township and of farm
  • name of village and of parish
  • postal code (it must be written on the bottom line, in front of the name of the town or the rural district)
  • town or rural district
  • country (in case of international postal consignments)
Write the address by using the letters of the Roman alphabet and Arabic numerals. If different letters and numbers are used in the country of destination, then also use those for writing the address. On international postal items, write the name of the country of destination in English or in French.

When sending the parcels through self-service parcel terminals, you don’t need to write the address on parcel by hand. Simply enter data of the parcel into the self-service system and print the registration sticker (an address card) and attach it on the parcel. Attach the registration sticker (an address label) on the smooth and even surface of the parcel.

When entering data of parcel receiver and sender in the self-service system or terminal, do not use shortened names, abbreviations, numbers or signs which are not generally known and which may cause difficulties in the forwarding of the parcel to the recipient.
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