Sending the parcel

Is it possible to send the parcels to other countries through parcel machines?
Yes. For Omniva LT customers, we offer the possibility to send parcels to any country in the world (except Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) using parcel machines. If you are sending your parcel to one of the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia), you can register your parcel at a parcel machine. If you are sending your parcel to another country, which is not a Baltic state, you need to pre-register your parcel on the website, by creating a personal account on the website and confirming your identity with your Mobile-ID or Smart-ID.

Can I choose the locker, in which I want to put my parcel?
You can’t choose yourself the locker at the self-service parcel terminal. You can choose only the size of the locker. Locker of the selected size is opened automatically. Besides, there is no significant difference between the lockers, as when it will be delivered to other self-service parcel, the parcel certainly won’t reach the same locker. Size of the locker or its location in the self-service terminal doesn’t influence sending of the parcel in any way.

What is the maximum weight of items sent by parcel machine?
The maximum weight of a parcel to be placed in the parcel machine is 30 kg. If you wish to send heavier parcels, we offer you to choose several parcels and put them in different lockers, by noting the same receiver – in this way you’ll solve weight problem and all parcels shall reach your receiver on the same time!

Does sending a light and large parcel cost more than sending a small and heavy one?
Service price is calculated on the basis of the selected locker size of the parcel machine. Thereby price for sending S size parcel weighing 30 kg will be lower than price for sending L size parcel weighing 5 kg. So if your parcel weights more, but can be put in the smaller locker, you’ll have to pay indeed not a large sum for the delivery of parcel to necessary place.

May I place several parcels in one cabinet?
Business customers, who have concluded a contract, may place several parcels in one locker. Business customers can choose special offers and discounts, so sending of the parcels will become easier and faster. “Omniva” services are convenient and cost-saving your business solution, which will allow you to save costs and provide a freedom of choosing parcel delivery.

It is prohibited to send the following in consignments:
  • weapons and parts thereof;
  • ammunition and parts thereof;
  • cylinders of teargas or nerve gas;
  • hazardous substances or substances that explode or ignite easily;
  • poisonous and radioactive substances;
  • biologically infectious substances;
  • narcotic or psychotropic substances and medication containing these substances;
  • whole blood or blood components;
  • acids;
  • highly perishable foodstuffs;
  • live animals, birds, fish, insects;
  • poisonous plants;
  • items that, due to their characteristics or packaging, may jeopardize the addressee, postal workers, soil or damage other postal items, postal devices or the assets of third parties;
  • money;
  • objects or substances, exportation of which from the Republic of Lithuania or circulation of which in the Republic of Lithuania, in the Republic of Latvia or in the Republic of Estonia is prohibited.
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