Outbound shipments to non-EU VAT countries and territories need to be accompanied by custom declaration. List of countries which need custom declaration is given below.

While registering the shipment to such country or territory in e-service, the additional information fields appear and obilgatory fields must be filled out. Description of content should be written in English.

Customs declaration form is a part of the address card or displayed as a separate form. It appears for printing in multiple copies. All copies must be printed out and added to the shipment.

Preferable is to place them in the plastic pocket attached to the shipment. I order to speed up the procedure for the customs declaration, you may also add to the parcel, a commercial invoice or a pro forma invoice of the items contained in the parcel.

If the value of the shipment exceeds 1000 €, the shipment needs to have export declaration.

List of good that are prohibited for sending can be found here

Also please note, that shipments of certain goods to a country outside the European Union are subject to quantitative restrictions or special authorization. Be sure to check the special requirements before shipping.
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