What happens, if the timely withdrawal of parcel, i.e., seven days, is missed?
In Lithuania the parcel will be returned to the Sender and a notification will be send about parcel that wasn’t taken from the terminal. Therefore it is very importat to note the cell phone of the receiver, to which a code of the delivered parcel is sent. If you still need the parcel to be delivered, it will cost additionally.

Can the parcel sent by me fall into the hands of thieves in case the parcel machine will be broken open?
Parcel machines are made of thick tin, therefore breaking in is very difficult. Moreover, parcel machines are monitored by three surveillance video cameras, and in case of strong shaking or attempts to break the door the alarm will be activated. So the possibility that your parcel shall be thieved is very small.

When will the self-service parcel terminals be established in less populated areas (villages)?
Network of the “Omniva” self-service parcel machines will be expanded according to the needs of the clients. Follow our information on website or profile of “Facebook” social network – we always inform about newly established parcel terminals.

Is sending of food substances allowed by parcel machine?
It is not recommended to send food substances that might get spoiled easily by parcel terminal. “Omniva” parcels in Lithuania are delivered quite quickly, but you should keep in mind the weather conditions. If the temperature is very low or very high, your parcel with food substances can get spoiled and will be unsuitable for consumption. All the items to be sent must be packed according to the requirements set within the standard terms of JSC “Omniva LT”.

Who should I contact if my parcel, send by self-service parcel terminal, was damaged?
All claims are accepted by customer service centre. You can contact this centre by phone: 8 700 55077 or you can send your claims by email: [email protected]

Will the chocolate melt in the locker?
Everything depends on the air temperature. It will definitely melt during summer heat. Meanwhile in winter the chances are low, so you can send chocolate.

How is the parcel affected by cold outside temperature?
“Omniva” self-service parcel terminals are located outside. Therefore a great possibility exists that in case of minus temperature your items can freeze up. You should not worry if your parcel is capable to bear lower than zero temperature.
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