• weapons and parts of weapons
  • ammunition and parts of ammunition
  • cylinders filled with tear gas or gas that affect nervous system
  • hazardous substances and easily ignitable and explosive substances
  • poisonous and radioactive substances
  • biologically infectious substances
  • narcotic and psychotropic substances (opiates) and drugs containing the latter
  • blood and components of blood
  • acids
  • lithium batteries
  • perishables
  • live animals, birds, fishes, insects, except for silkworms, bees and leeches
  • poisonous plants
  • items that because of typical characteristics or packing might be hazardous to the recipient of the postal consignment, to the postal workers, to the soil, and that might pollute or damage other postal consignments, postal equipment or property of the third parties
  • money
  • items or substances which are prohibited to export from the Republic of Lithuania or to circulate in the Republic of Lithuania, in the Republic of Latvia or in the Republic of Estonia
  • items which may be prohibited or restricted for export by legal acts of the country of destination; the detailed lists of prohibited goods are presented in English; if needed, you may ask for more detailed information in Estonian at our customer service. List of goods restricted for import (in English)
  • goods for which an import or export prohibition or turnover restriction has been imposed in other legal acts.
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