Omniva LT profits double in 2021 with 12 million parcels delivered

Omniva LT, which operates the largest network of parcel machines in Lithuania, increased its turnover by 40% last year (EUR 25.51 million) compared to 2020 (EUR 18.32 million) and doubled its profits to EUR 3.83 million. The company also welcomed more than a hundred new employees last year, and the number of deliveries increased by almost 40% to more than 12 million. The company's success is attributed to its continued growth and the launch of new services, including the ability to post parcels worldwide.
With the addition of new employees, Omniva LT payroll increased by 31% to EUR 8.6 million last year. The company also maintains its position among the largest tax contributors to the state budget in Lithuania. Compared to 2020, the company paid EUR 3.5 million in taxes, representing an increase of one fifth.

'The past year has been very significant for us as we continue our significant growth. Although on a global scale 2021 remains a year of challenges and trials, we have successfully expanded our team and our network of parcel machines, upgraded our car fleet, introduced new services and solutions to the market, and increased our turnover and profits. The rate of change is extremely fast - e-commerce is evolving and growing at a tremendous pace, but our team is confidently moving forward together,' enthuses Simonas Bielskis, CEO of Omniva LT.

According to Mr Bielskis, it is not only the Lithuanian company that has demonstrated excellent performance, but also the Group as a whole. In 2021, Omniva Group's gross operating income increased by 10% from the previous year to EUR 148.7 million, and the operating profit for 2021 increased by 68% to EUR 16 million.
'Our market is growing by 10-20% every year, bringing our teams up at a similar rate. We have recently adopted a new strategy for 2022-2026 - we are refreshing our brand and, in keeping with our values, we are exploring new ways to deliver even more value to our customers. This year we aim to become the first choice in the Baltics, to be an even better employer for our current and potential employees, and to improve our return and international parcel services. Both our customers and their needs are evolving with the overall market, so innovating, adapting to change and offering timely solutions is what we love to do,' concludes Mr Bielskis.

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